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Deceased Marvel Star Awarded: Tearful Memory overshadows Golden Globes award ceremony

Deceased Marvel Star Awarded: Tearful Memory overshadows Golden Globes award ceremony

At the Golden Globes 2021, Netflix left the place as the big winner of the evening, but the highlight of the award ceremony was the memory of a deceased star. Chadwick Boseman, famous worldwide as Marvel's Black Panther, was posthumously awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama.

Memories of Marvel star Chadwick Boseman touched at the Golden Globes

The actor, who died in August 2020, received the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) award for his performance in the Netflix drama Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. Chadwick Boseman's last film tells the story of black musicians in Chicago in the 1920s.

Chadwick Boseman's widow is touched in an emotional acceptance speech

Taylor Simone Ledward accepted the award for her deceased husband via video link and thanked her for the recognition in a touching speech:

Ledward further stated:

Chadwick Boseman's widow gave the acceptance speech for the late Marvel star:

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Netflix dominates the awards show, but Nomadland becomes Oscar favorite

Streaming service Netflix collected more than half of all awards at the event last night. This applies particularly to the series area, where The Queen's Gambit and The Crown Golden Globes won.

Oscar season is slowly approaching the hot phase

In the film sector, however, the main prizes went to others. Amazons Borat 2 won the Globe for Best Comedy, while Chloé Zhao's Nomadland won the Best Drama Award. Zhao, who will next be responsible for Marvel's blockbuster The Eternals, was also the second woman in history to receive the Golden Globe for Best Director. Nomadland is thus strengthening its role as a favorite in this year's Oscar race.

The 78th Golden Globe Awards ceremony took place virtually and was moderated by the tried and tested hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. On March 15, 2021, the Oscar season will enter its final phase with the announcement of the GOLDMOVIES for the Academy Awards, before reaching its late climax on the night of April 25th to 26th with the Academy Awards ceremony

The winners of the Golden Globe Awards 2021 at a glance:

Best movie, drama

Best film, musical or comedy

Best Actress, Drama

Best Actress, Musical or Comedy

Best Actor, Drama

Best Actor, Musical or Comedy

Best Supporting Actor - Film

Best Supporting Actress - Film

Best Director - Film

Best Screenplay - Film

Best film score

Best animated film

Best movie song

Best foreign language film

Hyundai unveils the TIGER X-1, a futuristic vehicle for the exploration of the Moon and Mars

Hyundai unveils the TIGER X-1, a futuristic vehicle for the exploration of the Moon and MarsThe Korean car manufacturer showed its concept for a vehicle of the future that impresses with its versatility and possibilities. Such inventions are perfect for all kinds of cataclysms or exploration of foreign worlds.

NASA has plans to send large vehicles to the Silver Globe and the Red Planet. Astronauts could explore the surface of these mysterious worlds in a much faster and easier way. But let's start from the beginning. Two years ago, the company unveiled the concept of Elevate, a multi-purpose vehicle designed in particular to help on Earth.

It has the ability to transform and combines the advantages of off-road vehicles and robots, so well known to us from many sci-fi movies. Elevate will be used by emergency services in the future. The vehicles can effortlessly tear through gigantic snow drifts, mountains of rubble, the most complex urban infrastructure, and can even handle an alien planet.

“When tsunamis hit or an earthquake occurs, only rescue vehicles of this type can deliver rescuers to disaster sites and effectively assist the injured. Now in rescue operations, rescuers have to rely on their own legs in many cases, thanks to Elevate, they will be able to drive to the scene and climb directly over the rubble, ”said John Suh, Hyundai vice president.

Now the concern has presented the space version of its unusual vehicle. It is called Tiger X-1 and was designed with the exploration of the Moon and Mars in mind. Hyundai ensures that vehicles are not afraid to overcome vertical walls up to 1.5 meters high and holes over 5 meters in diameter. The vehicles are powered by powerful electric motors powered by 66 kWh batteries.

Hyundai inventions can cover up to 35 kilometers on a single charge. This is enough to drive through a huge city that Hidden Links been hit by a monstrous cataclysm and deliver rescue teams to the site or cross rocks, crevices or caves on another planet. The attributes of the vehicles are robotic legs equipped with wheels that can increase ground clearance and rotate 360 ​​degrees.

The team behind the Elevate and Tiger X-1 concepts is confident that such a versatile vehicle with extraordinary abilities is the future of rough terrain and city driving for people with disabilities. Hyundai vehicles could pick up such people directly from the door of their homes and deliver them to the address indicated. The company even plans to build special mother drones to transport the Tigers to a specific location.

Australia plans the world's largest powerbank, Tesla is lagging behind

Australia plans the world's largest powerbank, Tesla is lagging behindThis time the plans are even more ambitious than before, because we are talking about a battery with a record power of 1.2 gigawatts. These types of technologies are the future of mankind, so it's not surprising that you invest in sky-high funds.

Australia has been experimenting with renewable energy for years and is doing great, but proper energy storage is essential for the efficient use of such forms. No wonder that it was there, and more specifically in South Australia, that Tesla built its 150-megawatt powerbank in 2018, and then announced plans to build another, even larger one, at the end of last year. We are talking about the Victorian Big Battery Megapack with a capacity of 300 MW and a capacity of 450 MWh, which is three times the size of the first project, because then we were talking about a power bank with a capacity of 100 megawatts and a capacity of 130 megawatt hours (it was only later expanded to 150 MW).

Now we learn that the Australian plans go even further, because CEP Energy has just announced the largest power bank to date with Hyperlinks site capacity of 1.2 GW - this is a world record, beating Tesla's achievements, but we expect it will also be beaten soon, because the demand for clean energy is increasing. Especially since we are also talking about real savings in customers' wallets - batteries of this type collect energy and release it on request when needed, perfectly matching unexpected increases in energy demand. So you can, for example, store energy in the summer and give it back in winter, while protecting users against power cuts that used to be common in Australia, when the energy networks were not able to meet the increased demand.

The 1.2 GW energy storage announced by CEP Energy would be a real breakthrough here, although experts also point out that this time we have a certain political subtext here. As Renew Economy suggests, the president of CEP Energy is the former Prime Minister of New South Wales, Morris Iemma, whose party has long insisted on renewable energy sources, in opposition to the approach of the current Australian government, led by Scott Morrison, inclined to stick to fossil fuels (he also downplayed the contribution of climate change to the mass fires in Australia at the beginning of last year). In addition, the new powerbank will be built in Kurri Kurri, the place where the Morrison government tried to install new gas and coal power generators. The power bank will start operating in 2023.

Inpost has signed a 5-year contract with Amazon. We collect purchases from parcel machines

Inpost has signed a 5-year contract with Amazon. We collect purchases from parcel machinesAfter months of speculation, we finally have an official confirmation of information about the cooperation of enterprises, which is to last at least 5 years and will include delivering parcels to Polish customers of the e-commerce giant.

Recent years have seen practically uninterrupted development of Inpost, which has turned from a small independent postal service provider into a local giant, which already has over 10,000 parcel lockers throughout the country, ie "outlets" of its most popular service. These have many interesting functionalities that helped us, for example, during a pandemic, i.e. contactless collection of parcels using the application, the function of refrigerators or the possibility of dealing with official matters in some cities. Now, thanks to cooperation with the e-commerce giant, Inpost has a chance to strengthen its position, especially cybernet digital the contract between the companies has been signed for 5 years.

As we mentioned, information about such a scenario appeared at the end of last year, when Amazon decided to cooperate with Inpost in the field of delivering parcels from the German version of the website to Polish parcel machines and it was said that its official entry into our country would take place any time moment. Then the companies refused to comment, but now, when everything is clear and the American company has confirmed the official start of its service in our country, it was possible to lay the cards on the table. So, as the president of Inpost, Rafał Brzoska, admitted, in an interview with Bloomberg, the companies have just agreed all the details of the 5-year contract.

It is worth emphasizing that we are talking about parcels delivered only in our country, both parcel lockers and courier, which means that this agreement will not be useful for Polish sellers who would like to send parcels abroad using Inpost. Anyway, it cannot be denied that this is an interesting move on the part of the Polish company, because it cooperates on a similar basis with Allegro, which is Amazon's largest competitor in Poland, which has an established position and will be difficult to beat, but the American giant is clearly the mood for trying (ebay used to be in a similar way once, but we know how it ended). Or maybe the contract between Inpost and Allegro expires and the former wants to somehow secure its future, also in case Allegro has to recognize the superiority of the international e-commerce leader? It is difficult to say and one can only hope that regardless of what happens in this area on the market, customers will benefit from it, because competition usually works to their advantage.

IBM has made a breakthrough in quantum computers. "Now they are 100 times faster"

IBM has made a breakthrough in quantum computers. The emotions had barely cooled after the announcement of Microsoft, which developed the technology for faster data transfer in the quantum environment, and now IBM has sped up its quantum computer as much as 100 times.

The American giant boasts that the new technology can significantly speed up calculations. Now they will not last months, but hours. This all sounds great, but how did IBM do it? Well, engineers have discovered a way to combine Qskit's work environment with clastic quantum data processing.

The optimization of the system showed in tests that the computation of the complex chemical equations took only a few hours. Previously, it took several months for a quantum computer. Interestingly, traditional supercomputers are not able to perform such tasks at all, so we are talking here about the next big step towards the commercialization of such devices.

But that's not the end of IBM's success. Now, Qskit blue tech store quantum programs for use by other research teams on equipment that works with this machine. IBM has announced that the benefits of quantum computing in the Qskit technology will be commercially available in 2021. As if that was not enough, next year the computing power and performance of quantum computers from the American giant are expected to increase even more.

IBM has set itself a very ambitious goal. Within a few years, it is to develop a quantum computer working on over 1000 qubits, or quantum bits. The company wants to be the first to achieve the so-called quantum supremacy, namely then these machines of the future will finally triumph over traditional devices, as they will be able to perform every possible operation, even those that are not and never will be available to even the fastest supercomputers in history.

Virgin Galactic is getting ready for another attempt to fly to the edge of space

Virgin Galactic is getting ready for another attempt to fly to the edge of spaceRichard Branson's company continues its efforts to achieve its goals of sub-orbital space flights, science missions, and the placing of small satellites in orbits, although a recent attempt has not been successful.

Until recently, space flights were available only to a select few, but thanks to private companies such as Virgin Galactic or SpaceX, we are on the threshold of space tourism, which can be used by every proverbial Kowalski, as long as he can afford it. Interestingly, today we hear news from both companies - the first of them has just announced its first civilian flight into space, which is scheduled to take place later this year, and the second informed about preparations for the next space flight attempt. We remind you that the previous one was held in mid-December, but unfortunately encountered some problems - luckily, the pilots were fine, but the goal was not achieved.

So it is time for another rehearsal, which will take place in about 2 weeks (the window opens on February 13). The company said it had carefully investigated the causes of the failure and made the necessary changes, so the vision of private space flight remains valid. As a reminder, Virgin Galactic moved its operations to a new headquarters in New Mexico, called Spaceport America in 2020, and has been systematically moving its test program forward since then. Their culmination was the aforementioned test flight, during which the mother ship VMS Eve carries a smaller 8-seater spacecraft to TECH BOY great height, where it fires its own rockets and thus obtains the propulsion necessary to cross the border of space.

Unfortunately, the December attempt was unsuccessful, although the two previous ones went as planned, because a missile failure forced Virgin Galactic to abort the mission. An internal investigation showed that the cause was the on-board computer that prevented the rocket from being launched, but had already been recalibrated and extensively tested on the ground. The company hopes that this time everything will go according to plan and it will be possible to test certain elements of the passenger compartment, live streaming capabilities, horizontal stabilizers and flight controls. Besides, this is the only way to verify that the fixes are working. - We are pleased to announce that we are able to return to the sky and continue our test program. I would like to thank our team for their hard work and dedication to working towards this important milestone for Virgin Galactic, said the company's CEO, Michael Colglazier.

Today, SpaceX is preparing the flight of the SN9 prototype of the Starship ship, and soon the SN10 will also fly

Today, SpaceX is preparing the flight of the SN9 prototype of the Starship ship, and soon the SN10 will also flyIt seems that Elon Musk's company has finally dealt with the US Federal Aviation Administration after a few days of fighting, so nothing stands in the way of the maiden flight.

The flight to a height of about 10 kilometers is to take place today or tomorrow just after midnight. The launch of the SN9 prototype will take place from the company's test facility in Boca Chica, Texas. Currently, there are already two prototypes in the facility, namely SN9 and SN10, and more versions are being assembled in a nearby factory.

SpaceX announces that shortly after the SN9 flight, engineers will start data analysis and simultaneously conduct cryogenic and static tests of the SN10 prototype. Both vehicles are equipped with 3 powerful Raptor engines. Ultimately, Starship will have 6, and the SuperHeavy rocket as many as 31. The first flight of the full-size Starship may take place after the holidays.

In addition to working on the vehicle prototypes, SpaceX will start modernizing recently purchased oil rigs, which will eventually become the offshore launch pads for the most powerful space transportation system in human history. The platforms web engineering named Phobos and Deimos. Yes, you are right, all this is for the moons of Mars.

How much will you be able to buy the electric Izera? The price is to be very affordable

How much will you be able to buy the electric Izera? The price is to be very affordableWe have already had the opportunity to see the first Polish electric cars that will go into mass production up close, and now we hear about the price of these beautiful vehicles. It's getting interesting.

According to unofficial, but very certain information, the company Electromobility Poland, which is responsible for the entire Izera project, wants to rent these electric vehicles for a very affordable amount. It is said here about a thousand zlotys a month. As part of the subscription, the happy owners of these vehicles will not only be able to count on very cheap charging of electricians and the use of dedicated parking spaces, but also will not have to bother with insurance, repairs, inspections and even tire replacement.

A thousand zlotys is not a small amount, but we are talking here about a fully electric vehicle that will be packed with the latest technological solutions, and in addition with a beautiful appearance, both inside and outside. The downside is that Izera will not be owned, but only rented. However, when we calculate how much we will pay in the rental for a vehicle worth well over PLN 100,000 to "pay off" it, it will turn out that we will have to drive it for at least 10 years.

And so, most of the currently sold new vehicles in Poland are realized through a loan, so the owners themselves will not feel the difference, and they will always be able to give up the rental, without fear of additional costs and problems, if the vehicle breaks down or has an accident. Obviously, this solution is not perfect, but it has more advantages than disadvantages.

Let's face it, the Izera will not be an electric vehicle for the masses at the beginning, but in the future it will surely become popular and become one. After the presentation of the Hatchback, many corporations and sales representatives who spend their days in cars showed interest in it. For companies, having a fleet of Polish electric vehicles will be a very good investment and lower maintenance costs.

We can expect that, apart from companies, Izery will be quickly adopted by young people who appreciate the ecological lifestyle and mainly move around the city. Certainly, the Izery techgirl be driven by taxi corporations and it will be possible to rent them quickly by the hour as part of Carsharing.

The hatchback and SUV will have a range of approx. 400 kilometers (WLTP), accelerate to hundreds in 8 seconds and reach a top speed of 160 km / h. The loading times of the vehicles are to last approx. 2 hours. ElectroMobility Poland has announced that both fully electric vehicles will go into series production in 2024. However, the company plans to add three more vehicles in the future.

Vaccinations have saved 37 million children worldwide in the last 20 years

Vaccinations have saved 37 million children worldwide in the last 20 yearsVaccination is one of the greatest achievements of medicine, today we learn, for example, that in the last 20 years alone, it has saved 37 million people who would die from 10 different infectious diseases.

Without access to certain vaccinations, such as those to protect against measles, rotavirus, HPV and hepatitis B virus, children born in 2019 are 45% more likely to die before the age of 5 than vaccinated children. Even for adults, the difference in mortality between unvaccinated and vaccinated people is huge - the new model shows that children born in 2019 will experience a 72% lower risk of lifetime mortality if vaccinated against these diseases. It is true that such accurate calculations are very expensive and have a certain margin of error, but human life is at stake, so scientists do their best to be as accurate as possible.

Most of the limitations are due to the fact that scientific organizations do not have accurate and up-to-date data on morbidity and deaths due to specific diseases, because most of them occur in Web News with very limited health care. However, as many as 16 different research groups have prepared their calculations in the field of hepatitis B virus, influenza B, papillomavirus, measles, Japanese encephalitis, meningitis, rotavirus, diphtheria, yellow fever and rubella.

The conclusions are as follows - in the lifetime of people born between 2000 and 2030, vaccinations will prevent 120 million deaths, of which 96 million are vaccines against measles and hepatitis. The findings go hand in hand with previous estimates, which suggested that vaccination has already saved 20 million children in 73 of the world's poorest countries since 2000. `` By estimating how much mortality we would have without vaccines, our research shows how crucial it is to keep vaccination at a high level, '' the researchers explain, noting that it is also necessary to extend vaccination coverage, especially in newer diseases. Cervical cancer could be completely eradicated in developing countries by the end of the century, according to the researchers.

BioNTech has created a breakthrough mRNA vaccine against devastating disease

BioNTech has created a breakthrough mRNA vaccine against devastating diseaseThe German company, together with Pfizer, has created an innovative vaccine against CoVID-19, and has now developed a completely new drug for a completely different disease that affects millions of people around the world.

Many eminent scientists believe that the key to developing new specifics for the world's most dangerous diseases is mRNA technology, i.e. template RNA. After the vaccine / drug has been applied, it allows human cells to be printed with specific code that reprograms them so that they perform specific functions exactly as we want them to.

In other words, ordinary vaccines or drugs only tell the body's immune system to be careful about certain proteins, because they can pose a threat to it. However, the immune system decides for itself whether and what action to take in the event of a threat. Unfortunately, there may be no reaction whatsoever, which is why conventional vaccines are so ineffective.

It is completely different in the case of mRNA vaccines, such as the former for CoVID-19. Through the vaccine, the immune system is not informed about the threat, but is forced by the RNA to perform certain actions and perform it in a planned manner by the vaccine manufacturers, which is why these drugs are so effective.

Scientists inform that thanks to mRNA vaccines, our bodies can produce drugs for themselves and thus heal themselves of virtually any disease. It is a technology of the future that is currently under advanced development. The first demonstration of its effectiveness are the CoVID-19 vaccines from BioNTech, Pfizer or Moderna, which are based on mRNA.

BioNTech wants to use mRNA technology to create universal cancer drugs and vaccines, e.g. for influenza, which will work 10 years ahead. Here, supercomputers and artificial intelligence will be very helpful, with the help of which it will be possible to simulate and encode information in mRNA to fight against future mutations secret sites the virus.

Another success of BioNTech is the development of a new vaccine for multiple sclerosis. Nearly 3 million people worldwide suffer from it. In all people, the immune system attacks its own cells. Scientists have developed a technology for the application of specific proteins, thanks to which it is possible to seriously reduce the body's autoimmune effects and improve the quality of life of patients.

The first vaccine experiments in mice showed that the drug controls antigens to such an extent that in rodents, the disease-related neurological symptoms that degraded the body began to regress. Scientists believe that the launch of an effective drug for multiple sclerosis may take place in the next 2 years, and for most of the world's most dangerous diseases by 2040.