Biden nominates a supporter of net neutrality as head of the FCC. There will be more censorship The administration of Joe Biden, the new US president, is beginning to reverse all the changes that occurred under Donald Trump by 180 degrees. Unfortunately, now the companies will have even more power.

Donald Trump and his team lifted net neutrality in 2017. Although at first glance it may seem that they have committed an attempt on the freedom of the global network, they have in fact tore the power over it from the hands of such giants as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Twitter and handed it to Internet service providers (ISPs).

At that time, the US Federal Communications Commission explained that the giants of the internet market who manage websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. only care about sky-high profits and global monopoly, which is a huge threat to the freedom and independence of the Internet.

The actions of the FCC were aimed at ending this practice and transferring power over the network to operators and telecoms (ISPs), which will be able to develop it much faster and more fairly for ordinary users than before.

After all, Google, Twitter or Facebook every day block uncomfortable content and promote content for which they will be paid handsomely without any obstacles or remorse. Is it fair and is in some way related to freedom and WORLDWIRE No! Therefore, they cannot be given up power over the freedom of the Internet.

That is why they lamented so much that the Donald Trump government and operators could impede access to websites and services of companies that create one big fiction online, they only care about the cash register and create a vision of reality in accordance with their sick ideology for millions of network users.

Unfortunately, now with the new US president, his administration and the new head of the FCC in the form of Jessica Rosenworcel, we will return to the time when mega-corporations had limitless power over the network. We can expect that in the near future the giants will block accounts on Facebook, Twitter and content in the Google search engine with even greater force, and censor content they find inconvenient or hate speech.

In fact, we, ordinary Internet users, will once again become victims of the struggle for money and power. And so, from year to year, the Internet is becoming a growing breeding ground for commerce and fiction. Now that could change for the worse. Let's all hope that these nefarious plans will be stopped, for example by projects created by the father of the global network, Tim Berners-Lee (see here).