Elon Musk offers $ 100 million for technology to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere The richest man on our planet has finally joined the action to save the Earth from the impending climate catastrophe, but he also wants to create technology that will help in the colonization of Mars.

Musk has assets currently valued at $ 200 billion. Of course, practically the entire amount is invested in many companies and projects, but the head of SpaceX has a lot of blackheads, amounting to at least $ 100 million, which he will gladly invest in technologies that will help our planet breathe from human activity. Such an idea should come as no surprise, if we don't do anything about the climate, all Musk's projects will collapse before they are even created, because there will be no one to use them.

The billionaire has not yet specified the details of his project. More information on this is expected this week. We know, however, that it is about gathering ideas for developing a technology that will allow for the quick, cheap and effective removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere on a large scale, and it would be even better if it would turn it into oxygen or fuel.

It may be controversial, but Musk believes that our planet is safe because humanity will mobilize in the face of a catastrophe and develop technologies to help deal with the problem quickly. Otherwise we would be doomed, and no one would allow it. Humanity, including mega-corporations, has too much to lose. In fact, ideas have been in the minds of engineers for a very long time, they just need to be implemented. For this, money will be needed. The SpaceX boss has them and is about to make practical use of them.

Musk's technology is to focus on removing carbon dioxide that already exists in the atmosphere. This is a big problem because even if we manage to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, it will still be there, e.g. from the last decades of industrial activity. The billionaire would also like this technology to be used to transform Life Hacker live into a second Earth. There is a lot of CO2 in the Martian atmosphere. If it could be turned into life-giving oxygen or fuel, it would be a reason for faster colonization of the planet.

A NASA lander with a rover and a drone is heading towards the Red Planet. The devices will not only search for signs of life, but also conduct some experiments. One of them will be the conversion of CO2 into oxygen and fuel. Scientists believe that if all goes according to plan, Mars will be able to produce enough oxygen for a small group of astronauts to survive there.