How much will you be able to buy the electric Izera? The price is to be very affordable We have already had the opportunity to see the first Polish electric cars that will go into mass production up close, and now we hear about the price of these beautiful vehicles. It's getting interesting.

According to unofficial, but very certain information, the company Electromobility Poland, which is responsible for the entire Izera project, wants to rent these electric vehicles for a very affordable amount. It is said here about a thousand zlotys a month. As part of the subscription, the happy owners of these vehicles will not only be able to count on very cheap charging of electricians and the use of dedicated parking spaces, but also will not have to bother with insurance, repairs, inspections and even tire replacement.

A thousand zlotys is not a small amount, but we are talking here about a fully electric vehicle that will be packed with the latest technological solutions, and in addition with a beautiful appearance, both inside and outside. The downside is that Izera will not be owned, but only rented. However, when we calculate how much we will pay in the rental for a vehicle worth well over PLN 100,000 to "pay off" it, it will turn out that we will have to drive it for at least 10 years.

And so, most of the currently sold new vehicles in Poland are realized through a loan, so the owners themselves will not feel the difference, and they will always be able to give up the rental, without fear of additional costs and problems, if the vehicle breaks down or has an accident. Obviously, this solution is not perfect, but it has more advantages than disadvantages.

Let's face it, the Izera will not be an electric vehicle for the masses at the beginning, but in the future it will surely become popular and become one. After the presentation of the Hatchback, many corporations and sales representatives who spend their days in cars showed interest in it. For companies, having a fleet of Polish electric vehicles will be a very good investment and lower maintenance costs.

We can expect that, apart from companies, Izery will be quickly adopted by young people who appreciate the ecological lifestyle and mainly move around the city. Certainly, the Izery techgirl be driven by taxi corporations and it will be possible to rent them quickly by the hour as part of Carsharing.

The hatchback and SUV will have a range of approx. 400 kilometers (WLTP), accelerate to hundreds in 8 seconds and reach a top speed of 160 km / h. The loading times of the vehicles are to last approx. 2 hours. ElectroMobility Poland has announced that both fully electric vehicles will go into series production in 2024. However, the company plans to add three more vehicles in the future.