Hyundai unveils the TIGER X-1, a futuristic vehicle for the exploration of the Moon and Mars The Korean car manufacturer showed its concept for a vehicle of the future that impresses with its versatility and possibilities. Such inventions are perfect for all kinds of cataclysms or exploration of foreign worlds.

NASA has plans to send large vehicles to the Silver Globe and the Red Planet. Astronauts could explore the surface of these mysterious worlds in a much faster and easier way. But let's start from the beginning. Two years ago, the company unveiled the concept of Elevate, a multi-purpose vehicle designed in particular to help on Earth.

It has the ability to transform and combines the advantages of off-road vehicles and robots, so well known to us from many sci-fi movies. Elevate will be used by emergency services in the future. The vehicles can effortlessly tear through gigantic snow drifts, mountains of rubble, the most complex urban infrastructure, and can even handle an alien planet.

“When tsunamis hit or an earthquake occurs, only rescue vehicles of this type can deliver rescuers to disaster sites and effectively assist the injured. Now in rescue operations, rescuers have to rely on their own legs in many cases, thanks to Elevate, they will be able to drive to the scene and climb directly over the rubble, ”said John Suh, Hyundai vice president.

Now the concern has presented the space version of its unusual vehicle. It is called Tiger X-1 and was designed with the exploration of the Moon and Mars in mind. Hyundai ensures that vehicles are not afraid to overcome vertical walls up to 1.5 meters high and holes over 5 meters in diameter. The vehicles are powered by powerful electric motors powered by 66 kWh batteries.

Hyundai inventions can cover up to 35 kilometers on a single charge. This is enough to drive through a huge city that Hidden Links been hit by a monstrous cataclysm and deliver rescue teams to the site or cross rocks, crevices or caves on another planet. The attributes of the vehicles are robotic legs equipped with wheels that can increase ground clearance and rotate 360 ​​degrees.

The team behind the Elevate and Tiger X-1 concepts is confident that such a versatile vehicle with extraordinary abilities is the future of rough terrain and city driving for people with disabilities. Hyundai vehicles could pick up such people directly from the door of their homes and deliver them to the address indicated. The company even plans to build special mother drones to transport the Tigers to a specific location.