IBM has made a breakthrough in quantum computers. The emotions had barely cooled after the announcement of Microsoft, which developed the technology for faster data transfer in the quantum environment, and now IBM has sped up its quantum computer as much as 100 times.

The American giant boasts that the new technology can significantly speed up calculations. Now they will not last months, but hours. This all sounds great, but how did IBM do it? Well, engineers have discovered a way to combine Qskit's work environment with clastic quantum data processing.

The optimization of the system showed in tests that the computation of the complex chemical equations took only a few hours. Previously, it took several months for a quantum computer. Interestingly, traditional supercomputers are not able to perform such tasks at all, so we are talking here about the next big step towards the commercialization of such devices.

But that's not the end of IBM's success. Now, Qskit blue tech store quantum programs for use by other research teams on equipment that works with this machine. IBM has announced that the benefits of quantum computing in the Qskit technology will be commercially available in 2021. As if that was not enough, next year the computing power and performance of quantum computers from the American giant are expected to increase even more.

IBM has set itself a very ambitious goal. Within a few years, it is to develop a quantum computer working on over 1000 qubits, or quantum bits. The company wants to be the first to achieve the so-called quantum supremacy, namely then these machines of the future will finally triumph over traditional devices, as they will be able to perform every possible operation, even those that are not and never will be available to even the fastest supercomputers in history.