Inpost has signed a 5-year contract with Amazon. We collect purchases from parcel machines After months of speculation, we finally have an official confirmation of information about the cooperation of enterprises, which is to last at least 5 years and will include delivering parcels to Polish customers of the e-commerce giant.

Recent years have seen practically uninterrupted development of Inpost, which has turned from a small independent postal service provider into a local giant, which already has over 10,000 parcel lockers throughout the country, ie "outlets" of its most popular service. These have many interesting functionalities that helped us, for example, during a pandemic, i.e. contactless collection of parcels using the application, the function of refrigerators or the possibility of dealing with official matters in some cities. Now, thanks to cooperation with the e-commerce giant, Inpost has a chance to strengthen its position, especially cybernet digital the contract between the companies has been signed for 5 years.

As we mentioned, information about such a scenario appeared at the end of last year, when Amazon decided to cooperate with Inpost in the field of delivering parcels from the German version of the website to Polish parcel machines and it was said that its official entry into our country would take place any time moment. Then the companies refused to comment, but now, when everything is clear and the American company has confirmed the official start of its service in our country, it was possible to lay the cards on the table. So, as the president of Inpost, RafaƂ Brzoska, admitted, in an interview with Bloomberg, the companies have just agreed all the details of the 5-year contract.

It is worth emphasizing that we are talking about parcels delivered only in our country, both parcel lockers and courier, which means that this agreement will not be useful for Polish sellers who would like to send parcels abroad using Inpost. Anyway, it cannot be denied that this is an interesting move on the part of the Polish company, because it cooperates on a similar basis with Allegro, which is Amazon's largest competitor in Poland, which has an established position and will be difficult to beat, but the American giant is clearly the mood for trying (ebay used to be in a similar way once, but we know how it ended). Or maybe the contract between Inpost and Allegro expires and the former wants to somehow secure its future, also in case Allegro has to recognize the superiority of the international e-commerce leader? It is difficult to say and one can only hope that regardless of what happens in this area on the market, customers will benefit from it, because competition usually works to their advantage.