The new StoreDot batteries promise to charge electric cars in 5 minutes Batteries - one of the biggest problems on the way to the popularization of electric cars, because they not only limit the range, but also take a long time to refill energy, or at least it has been so until now.

Let us not kid ourselves, we listen to new, groundbreaking solutions in the field of batteries several times a year on average, but despite the enormous commitment of human and financial resources, we have not lived to see a revolution so far. This is especially troublesome in the case of electric cars, which do not charge as easily as smartphones. This time, however, something may be up, because the Israeli startup StoreDot has announced plans to commercialize its batteries, which reflect some energy densities in favor of fast charging, and their wide availability in electric cars should be expected in the next 5 years.

These concrete plans are a nice change from groundbreaking theories that only work in laboratories, which then never turn into real products. It is Its science worth mentioning that in 2019 IBM announced that it had developed a cheap and environmentally friendly battery technology, but somehow, it was lost to hear about it. Therefore, StoreDot's highly detailed plans for mass production and availability suggest that the company has a finished product and is confident in its capabilities. At the moment, 1000 trial lithium-ion batteries have been produced, the charging of which takes about 5 minutes. Equally important, the startup has undertaken to cooperate with an experienced Chinese manufacturer that has been producing batteries for 20 years.

It cannot be denied that this would be a very big step forward in terms of faster and more convenient charging of electric cars, which could allow you to forget about the limited range of such cars. StroreDot showcased its technology on an electric scooter, but the engineering samples are compatible with the international UN 38.3 standard, making the company aim to achieve mass production in the coming years. Of course, provided it finds the right strategic partners among battery market leaders such as Panasonic, Tesla, Samsung or LG Chem.

StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf says: `` A team of top scientists has overcome the inherent challenges of fast charging (XFC) such as safety, life cycle and swelling using innovative cell materials and design. (...) This opens the way for the launch of our second generation prototype electric car batteries. The next step is to develop batteries that will provide a range of 160 kilometers, as the new batteries have lower energy densities than the current ones, but you can already count on 80% of the original capacity after 1000 charging cycles.