Virgin Galactic is getting ready for another attempt to fly to the edge of space Richard Branson's company continues its efforts to achieve its goals of sub-orbital space flights, science missions, and the placing of small satellites in orbits, although a recent attempt has not been successful.

Until recently, space flights were available only to a select few, but thanks to private companies such as Virgin Galactic or SpaceX, we are on the threshold of space tourism, which can be used by every proverbial Kowalski, as long as he can afford it. Interestingly, today we hear news from both companies - the first of them has just announced its first civilian flight into space, which is scheduled to take place later this year, and the second informed about preparations for the next space flight attempt. We remind you that the previous one was held in mid-December, but unfortunately encountered some problems - luckily, the pilots were fine, but the goal was not achieved.

So it is time for another rehearsal, which will take place in about 2 weeks (the window opens on February 13). The company said it had carefully investigated the causes of the failure and made the necessary changes, so the vision of private space flight remains valid. As a reminder, Virgin Galactic moved its operations to a new headquarters in New Mexico, called Spaceport America in 2020, and has been systematically moving its test program forward since then. Their culmination was the aforementioned test flight, during which the mother ship VMS Eve carries a smaller 8-seater spacecraft to TECH BOY great height, where it fires its own rockets and thus obtains the propulsion necessary to cross the border of space.

Unfortunately, the December attempt was unsuccessful, although the two previous ones went as planned, because a missile failure forced Virgin Galactic to abort the mission. An internal investigation showed that the cause was the on-board computer that prevented the rocket from being launched, but had already been recalibrated and extensively tested on the ground. The company hopes that this time everything will go according to plan and it will be possible to test certain elements of the passenger compartment, live streaming capabilities, horizontal stabilizers and flight controls. Besides, this is the only way to verify that the fixes are working. - We are pleased to announce that we are able to return to the sky and continue our test program. I would like to thank our team for their hard work and dedication to working towards this important milestone for Virgin Galactic, said the company's CEO, Michael Colglazier.