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Dark matter is older than the Big Bang and is outside the universe

Until now, astronomers have focused on everything that happened in our universe after the Big Bang. Meanwhile, scientists from the United States have done research that has shown us something that happened before everything was created. It's hard to comprehend, because with the Big Bang there was time and space, so how could anything have been before ?!

Biden nominates a supporter of net neutrality as head of the FCC. There will be more censorship

Donald Trump and his team lifted net neutrality in 2017. Although at first glance it may seem that they have committed an attempt on the freedom of the global network, they have in fact tore the power over it from the hands of such giants as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Twitter and handed it to Internet service providers (ISPs).

Elon Musk offers $ 100 million for technology to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere

Musk has assets currently valued at $ 200 billion. Of course, practically the entire amount is invested in many companies and projects, but the head of SpaceX has a lot of blackheads, amounting to at least $ 100 million, which he will gladly invest in technologies that will help our planet breathe from human activity. Such an idea should come as no surprise, if we don't do anything about the climate, all Musk's projects will collapse before they are even created, because there will be no one to use them.

BioNTech has created a breakthrough mRNA vaccine against devastating disease

Many eminent scientists believe that the key to developing new specifics for the world's most dangerous diseases is mRNA technology, i.e. template RNA. After the vaccine / drug has been applied, it allows human cells to be printed with specific code that reprograms them so that they perform specific functions exactly as we want them to.

Vaccinations have saved 37 million children worldwide in the last 20 years

Without access to certain vaccinations, such as those to protect against measles, rotavirus, HPV and hepatitis B virus, children born in 2019 are 45% more likely to die before the age of 5 than vaccinated children. Even for adults, the difference in mortality between unvaccinated and vaccinated people is huge - the new model shows that children born in 2019 will experience a 72% lower risk of lifetime mortality if vaccinated against these diseases. It is true that such accurate calculations are very expensive and have a certain margin of error, but human life is at stake, so scientists do their best to be as accurate as possible.

How much will you be able to buy the electric Izera? The price is to be very affordable

According to unofficial, but very certain information, the company Electromobility Poland, which is responsible for the entire Izera project, wants to rent these electric vehicles for a very affordable amount. It is said here about a thousand zlotys a month. As part of the subscription, the happy owners of these vehicles will not only be able to count on very cheap charging of electricians and the use of dedicated parking spaces, but also will not have to bother with insurance, repairs, inspections and even tire replacement.

Today, SpaceX is preparing the flight of the SN9 prototype of the Starship ship, and soon the SN10 will also fly

The flight to a height of about 10 kilometers is to take place today or tomorrow just after midnight. The launch of the SN9 prototype will take place from the company's test facility in Boca Chica, Texas. Currently, there are already two prototypes in the facility, namely SN9 and SN10, and more versions are being assembled in a nearby factory.

Inpost has signed a 5-year contract with Amazon. We collect purchases from parcel machines

Recent years have seen practically uninterrupted development of Inpost, which has turned from a small independent postal service provider into a local giant, which already has over 10,000 parcel lockers throughout the country, ie "outlets" of its most popular service. These have many interesting functionalities that helped us, for example, during a pandemic, i.e. contactless collection of parcels using the application, the function of refrigerators or the possibility of dealing with official matters in some cities. Now, thanks to cooperation with the e-commerce giant, Inpost has a chance to strengthen its position, especially since the contract between the companies has been signed for 5 years.