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Scientists made the paralyzed mice walk again. What about us?

The team first developed a signaling protein and inserted it into the brains of paralyzed animals, stimulating their nerve cells to regenerate, and has now shared the recipe for its creation with the entire scientific community. Spinal cord injuries are one of the most debilitating, damaged nerve fibers, or axons, are then unable to transmit signals between the brain and muscles, which often results in lower limb paralysis. What's worse, the condition is permanent because the nerve fibers cannot regenerate, or at least until recently.

A fire at the world's largest vaccine factory. CoVID-19 vaccines were produced there

Five people died in the fire and dozens were evacuated. The fire appeared in the new buildings of the Serum Institute, where the production of CoVID-19 vaccines from the British AstraZeneca or the American Novavax was to begin. These are vector specifics and are not based on mRNA technology like the Pfizer, BioNTech or Moderna vaccines.

BioNTech has created a breakthrough mRNA vaccine against devastating disease

Many eminent scientists believe that the key to developing new specifics for the world's most dangerous diseases is mRNA technology, i.e. template RNA. After the vaccine / drug has been applied, it allows human cells to be printed with specific code that reprograms them so that they perform specific functions exactly as we want them to.

Virgin Galactic is getting ready for another attempt to fly to the edge of space

Until recently, space flights were available only to a select few, but thanks to private companies such as Virgin Galactic or SpaceX, we are on the threshold of space tourism, which can be used by every proverbial Kowalski, as long as he can afford it. Interestingly, today we hear news from both companies - the first of them has just announced its first civilian flight into space, which is scheduled to take place later this year, and the second informed about preparations for the next space flight attempt. We remind you that the previous one was held in mid-December, but unfortunately encountered some problems - luckily, the pilots were fine, but the goal was not achieved.

Australia plans the world's largest powerbank, Tesla is lagging behind

Australia has been experimenting with renewable energy for years and is doing great, but proper energy storage is essential for the efficient use of such forms. No wonder that it was there, and more specifically in South Australia, that Tesla built its 150-megawatt powerbank in 2018, and then announced plans to build another, even larger one, at the end of last year. We are talking about the Victorian Big Battery Megapack with a capacity of 300 MW and a capacity of 450 MWh, which is three times the size of the first project, because then we were talking about a power bank with a capacity of 100 megawatts and a capacity of 130 megawatt hours (it was only later expanded to 150 MW).